CIU110 – My Obsession

In the first CIU class of the trimester, everyone was asked to talk about something we are obsessed with, and to write a short blog about it. So here I am!

My obsession is web comics/graphic novels. These have completely fascinated me since around 2012, and I’ve become entirely enthralled by them since July of last year. Anything and everything from slice of life to psychological dramas to sci-fi epics, I love reading many different genres from many different countries. Some really good ones in my personal opinion include Dr. Frost, Starfighter, and Lackadaisy.

I’m taking a graphic design course in university, not only because the industry looks amazing, but because of the countless new skills I will gain that will better my art. I want to be able to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but will also speak to people and convey thoughts and messages effectively. This is because I have my own comic in the works at the moment, in collaboration with a close friend who is an aspiring writer.


cr: HamletMachine (deviantART user)

To put together a great comic, you need to have a thorough understanding of colour, tone and layouts. In Lackadaisy, for example, the author uses soft shadows and sepia tones to give the comic an old-timey feeling, to match it’s early 1920’s time period. Starfighter is drawn almost entirely in neutral greys, black and white with bright pops of blue or red, in keeping to it’s futuristic space-age theme.

Both the authors know how to use different themes to achieve what they’re looking for. The plan is that, by the end of this course, I will not only be ready to find a career in design, but will also have a lot of practical skills to apply to my own art and will be able to create something great.

It’s really hard to stop reading these once you begin. There are thousands scattered around the internet, and each one has it’s own unique style, settings, characters and story. Comics and graphic novels are my favourite form of story-telling. The artists behind them are able to convey such intense, raw emotion using still images and words alone. It’s a lot of work; for some it becomes a full-time job. They inspire me to work hard and improve my art.


“Lackadaisy Blueblood” cr: Tracy J. Butler

As for my own project, so far we only have a few rough character designs and are still tying major plot points together. Even so, it’s coming together well. I’m really looking forward to getting it up and running in the coming months, as much as I look forward to my next class at university.

Feature pic “Dr. Frost” cr: Lee Jeong-beom


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