Media Use and Identity

It’s week 3 at SAE Institute and we know what that means – yet another blog post! This week I’ll be talking about which kinds of media have the biggest impact on me as a budding graphic designer, as well as delving just a little more into what it is they all mean. Or at least, that’s probably what I’ll write. Let’s hope so.

The first important kind of media I’d associate with graphic design is the wonderful world wide web. With social media now more integrated into our lives than ever before, it is now possible to share anything we want with anyone we want. Nearly everyone on the planet has at least one social media account. With a reach almost as big as the entire world, it’s harder to get why a business wouldn’t be jumping up onto such a hugely social platform. Social media is a great place to get noticed.

Art in all it’s many, many forms is also an integral form of media (thankfully, because it’s also one of the only things I know how to do). Often, designers will use well known artworks, or adopt the same style as one, in their work as it is something people will recognise.

2Girls_mondrianplasma-monitor-mondrian-small-85398 mondrian4

Same shirt, different dude. Thanks Piet Mondrian.

Designers are also known to be innovators trying to come up with something original and maybe strange and really grab the attention of the public with their own imagination. This is my aim, too, and I’ve learned very quickly how difficult it is to be completely original. Art is likely the most important aspect of media relating to graphic design. We need it to make connections to others and get them talking about what it is we’re trying to show them.

My third and final point as this blog grows far too long is print media. Magazine spreads, book covers, and those posters you see teenager’s plastering their bedroom walls with just to name a few. While it’s not about advertising so much, it IS still about connections, because let’s be honest, if you’re buying a lifesize Bieber poster to put in your room, the advertising already did it’s thing and now you totally just want to pretend pressing your whole self against a wall feels the same as hugging your idol would. I get it. I’m also judging you, but I get it.

Perhaps this is a very interesting read, but can you to tear your eyes away from those dance poses long enough to get through a whole sentence?
Perhaps this is a very interesting read, but can you tear your eyes away from Megan Kinney’s many dance poses long enough to get through a whole sentence?

Without a good layout, the stories in a magazine would never be read. Okay, maybe that is advertising after all, but it’s also human psychology and that’s a huge part of why I’m really coming to love this course.

It’s a shame, really. Zombie Raccoons & Killer Bunnies had so much potential.

Perhaps you have a few different ideas to share, or you just want to have more of a chat about the hogwash I have so eloquently spouted already. Please leave a comment if so! And thanks for stopping by.


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