My Professional Identity

Professionalism. What do you think of when you see this word? Sharply dressed people, all pressed suits and hair slicked back, sitting around a table talking about the economy?

Businesspeople having a business meeting
Look at all that professionalism.

Yeah, me too. So of course, when asked what my thoughts on my OWN professional identity, my first reaction is just


Which is what any uninformed person would probably do. This week’s lecture at SAE was all about professional identities, and how to build and maintain them. We discussed all our career options, the public image of a professional creative, what we wanted vs. what was better for us in the long run, and talked especially lots about how professionalism is not always wearing pressed suits and gathering around water coolers. Even less so in the creative industry. Professionals are just people who get things done. And in the creative industry, getting things done is the only way to actually get paid.

In a cruel and most sudden coinkidink of a situation, getting things done is the thing I’m probably the worst at. Aside from running. Because I am a chronic procrastinator. And I have very bad ankles. If it exists, it will probably distract me if I do not trip over it first.


So, while being a professional is nowhere near as daunting or sounds as boring as I used to think, I’ve still got ages to go before I’ll be slightly cut out for it. Fortunately, though, I have housemates who can and will kick me in the butt if I so much as sigh at the mention of homework. Thanks guys. U da best. heart heart winky frown.


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