Secret Interview Techniques

There has always been debate about what you should do, or how you should act, in a job interview. Some say it depends it depends on the place – while others think you should put the same you forward in any situation. For some, it’s all about being professional, while others take a casual approach. Some can do both (the word for that I think is superhuman?).

Despite the debate, no matter who you are or what face you like to put on inside the interview room, the interviewers are asking all of you the same questions. (Except when they’re not – but that could arguably be called discrimination and is frowned upon in many cultures…remember kids, if you HAVE to be a jerk, be a jerk to EVERYONE).


And while most of the questions are just the interviewers looking for an insight into what you can bring to their company, you might find, especially looking for work in the creative industry, that they’ll ask you questions that maybe don’t make sense.

In fact, I recently watched a film called The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (I can still hear his trademark “weow”), and they show an example of this exact technique. While the interviewers are speaking to the two for the first time, they ask what they would do if they had been shrunk right down and put in the bottom of a blender. It seems like a stupid question, but what the interviewer wants is a look into your personality. Fair enough if you’ve got the skills for the job, but it’s more than knowing how well you’ll do it.

How will you interact with other employees? Or with clients? They need to know how you will react when put on the spot. Your social skills are a lot more important than you might think (Spaghetti Lord save our socially anxious souls), and how you react to a sudden, random question could determine whether or not you get hired.


No pressure, though. Just breathe in, and out, smile, and tell me; what is the most important part of a salad and why?


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