Kids these days!!!

Hey there, fellow wordpress users and internet perusers of the world. If you’re reading this from your smartphone, get excited. This blog is all about YOU…or, at least, about how certain advancements in web design are used to benefit you.

These days, we’re all over mobile devices. My love affair with my Galaxy s5 often brings the colour of deep sorrow to the eyes of anyone in my family over the age of 45. “Never off that phone, gosh, kids these days!” Yeah, I see you nodding. You’ve all heard that before. And it’s true enough. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate mobile phones into designing a website today – if we’re always on it, it should at least be a pleasant experience. Heaven forbid people get sick of your site and just go find a computer to use like in the STONE AGE. Am I right?


This is awkward.

Ah, how does one make this thing happen without designing a whole app, I hear you ask?

No? Well, shit, somebody asked. Just let me give the people what they want. Yeeeeeez.

Look, I know why you don’t want to put a whole app together; that can take months and months and when it’s finally up and running, out of your wallet moths will fly. Like my slightly bogan yet arguably very wise uncle Bob likes to say; it’s expensive, so forget it. Luckily, there are two (2) (二) (deux) (you get the idea), yes, TWO ways you can take your lovely website and make sure it’s not going to make the smartphone using percentage of your audience cry. Those two methods are known as Adaptive and Responsive.


Adaptive basically takes note of the kind of device being used and spits out the webpage for the user, all clean and pretty and perfectly optimised for the screen size.

Responsive, the less-expensive brother of Adaptive, doesn’t care what kind of phone you use. The downside is that only recent models, like within the last few years or so, will actually work with responsive webpages…I guess since it’s a lot easier to build phones with the adaptability to process it than try to make it compatible with older existing models? This is a lot cheaper than Adaptive design, for obvious reasons.

Anyhow, yeah. Creating a suitable design for your site to work properly on people’s phones is quickly rising up into interstellar levels of importance. Get in the fucking robot, Shinji. THIS IS THE FUTURE.


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