Do Tables Fall…Flat?

Handy things, tables. Whether they are the four-legged kind or the kind used to keep everything in order on a screen, tables are a nice idea. If you have a bunch of info that needs to stay in a tabled layout like maybe the results of your experimentation on the psychological effect of telling someone you make the best sausage rolls in the world and then proceeding to make the worst ones and recording whether they are ultra polite about it or they throw the thing in your face with a “how DARE you”.

Searching “angry sausage roll man” gifted me a news story about this politician from the UK who tried to bribe people to vote for him using sausage rolls. What a legend.

Yeah, that belongs in a table.

But aside from that, they are actually pretty inefficient things. They are solid, they are difficult to customise and it will be really difficult for you to fit everything on the page nicely…which is odd, considering tables are made to keep things organised.

But I digress. What may actually be the better option for designing a website is CSS (cascading-style-sheets) if only for them being really easy to play around with to your hearts’ content. The great thing about CSS is you can do pretty much whatever you want with the layout of your website. Good luck moving that information bar just a few pixels to the left if you’ve got a table layout. Actually, good luck in general. Web design is a killer.


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