Acrostic Poetry and Cheese


Not to be confused with SAO, which is an anime I have seen and found vague enjoyment in, and also a brand of Australian crackers that are excellent with some cheese on top (just kidding, I’m a uni student, I can’t afford cheese).

yeah, go on and mock me you son of a–

Back to the subject at hand. SEO. What is that? Oh, it’s an acronym, cool. I’ll spell it out in the purest form of poetry known to man – acrostic.




Acrostic poems always bring a tear to my eye…beautiful.

Yes, search engine optimisation! And it is as boring as it sounds. But also extremely useful! SEO works by taking key words, chosen by you, that allow search engines to filter it out among the many other search results they find and place yours closer to (if not at) the top of the page. This way, people actually find the site. You know they aren’t going to go to ALL the way to page two looking through the results.

This can actually be a bit difficult, especially when Google, for example, is throwing hundreds of thousands of results back at you each time you make a search. It’s a good idea to use as many key words as possible (staying relevant, though, or else you’re just going to irritate people).

If every site is using pretty much the same words, but one of yours is…fuck, I don’t know, wheels? And the user’s search contains the word “wheels”, your site has a better chance of being seen. Yay! It’s an easy breezy time.


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