HTML5, 4, 3, 2…

One. Kaboom? If we’re talking about new advantages that HTML5 is bringing along, then yes, kaboom. Opportunities are exploding and I make awful jokes. The world continues to turn.

I am not a liar, as being so would also make me a huge tosser, so I admit I had to look up HTML5 before I could write this blog. Just like in high school, I look through a few webpages with the info I want and then I take to the keyboard and just waffle. That is what is happening here, too. You’re welcome, I say pretentiously, under the assumption that you are going to enjoy reading this.

One noteworthy benefit of HTML5 is offline caching, which allows users to load webpages that they have visited before without an internet connection. Pretty cool, right? And then you have others like browser cross-compatibility, built-in video and audio playback (which negates the need for third-party programs; if you’re using HTML5, gone are the days of “You don’t have Adobe Flashplayer so this site won’t work right ha ha ha sucked in”).

Apparently it’s liked for it’s cleaner code, too? So I looked up some pictures to try and see what this means.

I found this…it’s pretty straightforward?

This picture comparing HTML4 with HTML5 shows some big differences. On the same forum I found this photo on, a user called Joel Rivera (awesome name) showed this;

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN” “#”>

<!DOCTYPE html>

With the caption “the doctype is not as long to write out” in big bold letters. Thanks Joel. This is exactly the kind of shorthand-worshipping people like me, who waffle only because their brains can’t shut up and do not actually enjoy the numbness of fingertips after a type-fest, will always be on the lookout for.


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