Design process

Here are the pages of quick sketches I initially did before starting the production of the cards.

I’ve looked in extent at seasons and the things associated with them, like flowers and plants that grow each season and also a lot of consideration for the colours to use for each. While each set will have a different colour scheme, I’m sticking with pastels all the way through to ensure none will stand out too much more than the others and the overall design of the deck will mesh well.

The first finished card is my ace of spades. This was the original spade I planned to use on this card:

ace of spade.jpg

But I agreed with my lecturer that it was a little too bold, and it did not match with the aesthetic of the other card designs. And here is the product of that discussion beside the queen of hearts card it was designed to match.


The creamy-coloured background helps the art to stand out without looking too solid or too harsh. It created a really nice soft look and also a little bit of a vintage feel. The colour of the roses was originally not this bright, but I tweaked it a little to neutralise the boldness of the large spade. The layout is quite basic, but it will draw more focus to the illustration.



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