The seasons were a perfect theme for lil’ old me. I grew up listening to my mum list off the scientific names of every plant she saw, ever, and teaching me how to grow a corn stalk in a pot. I have green thumbs, to say the least. Green arms, really. The Incredible Hulk; Garden Gnome edition.

Anyway. With a seasonal theme for my cards of course I have to choose plants that relate to that season, to decorate my illustrations with.

Here’s a page of stuff I scribbled out:



  • sunflowers, daisies, aster
  • Bright colours (sunlight)
  • purples, reds, oranges


  • orange leaves, zinnias, dahlias
  • bright yellows and oranges and warm colours generally


  • muted colours
  • cold winter clothing
  • balsam, cherry blossoms, poppies


  • roses, tulips, day lillies
  • pastel colours


I have been putting these to use already, seen in my previous designs. Having it typed up in a clean format here is mostly just for convenience :>

My step-mum has a small business as a seamstress and I’m thinking about also using this guide to make fabric print designs for her to use. If this is a project I can get off the ground you’ll hear more about it in due time!


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