You’re the best around

I have experienced a huge learning curve with this project; BACK EVERYTHING UP ALWAYS. I have taken to getting uplifting tunes from movies made in the 80s stuck firmly inside my head. We all have our coping mechanisms.

My recent run-in with Garry’s Mod has caused me to lose one of my illustrations. I won’t be sure how much of it remained (the last time I saved is a blurry memory), until I can look at my laptop after the system clean up I’ve decided to do… probably should have weeks ago honestly. SO, yes. The King of Clubs will likely have to be redrawn.

The lesson I have learnt from this is to save after every single action. Scribbly sketch, save. Cleaned lines, save. Base colour of the cravat he wears around his neck, SAVE. The extension to Monday is a godsend and I will have ample time to redraw. I will also be a huge save-whore until it’s finished. Updates on the progress of the other cards will come through as soon as I have access to my laptop again.

~Nothin’s ever gonna keep you down~  :’D


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