Over, and Over, and Ooooover Again

I hope that song got stuck in your head >:D Anyway, this is in reference to the designs for the back of my cards! It has been a long process, with designs and redesigns and I suppose I’ve to change it again now, for…reasons which I will state in due time. For now, here’s the first one.

card back housenkacolor unmarked

I have been told it’s “very 20s” and that was the point, but I have ALSO been told that it doesn’t mesh with my front designs. And this is true. I’ll probably use this design elsewhere – maybe make one of those fabric prints I have talked about before. My step mum would probably make a hat out it or something haha

I did decide to take the flowers I used here, called a balsam I think, but I’ve always known it as Housenka because of this song. They are the flowers I used in the design for the king of clubs, which I now ALSO want to redesign. Can’t stop won’t stop take it to the TOP.

And yes, so, with a more suitable colour scheme and overall design theme in mind, I drew a new one. I used Clip Studio Paint for all the illustrations, and it has a handy tool called the symmetry ruler – I draw a line down the centre on the page and then it mirrors everything you draw. It’s awesome! I used it to do my new design, and here is this result:

card back lillies

Works well, I think. The colours suit the rest of the design theme and the lillies seemed like a nicer choice. I kind of thought it looked like a vagina while drawing it, but I figured nobody would notice and went with it anyway. It’s still pretty, they won’t notice.

Yeah, no, everyone noticed! And I guess, if they noticed, so will other people.

I like it, though. If people want to call this the vajayjay deck or card flaps or something…they probably won’t do that. But if they DO, that’s fine. A little innuendo keeps people interested, right?


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