Oh deary, deary me.

I am the type who has to make the same dumb mistake a few times before learning anything from it. The point of this blog, if you haven’t already guess, is VERSION CONTROL. OH MY SWEET LORDY LORD.

What basically happened was that everyone in the group went home to finish their parts of the Alice project, and then we upload each one onto Google Drive in order to combine them. All well and good…or it would be, except I had TWO identically named files and uploaded the wrong one! The one without any photos in it! So I had to place each one again in the finished document which was a fun party happy time for me, especially because each photo pushed the text further out of the text box on the last page and I ended up having to extend the document by a few pages.

So, it seems I hadn’t quite learned my lesson after the last slip up (curse you, Garry’s Mod). Hopefully this time around will be the one that kicks my butt into gear 🙂 maybe if I say “version control” into the mirror three times, that will happen.



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