Style guides

Style guides are generally pretty straight-forward…if you are working alone. It’s much easier to make changes to them if you’re the only who has to know about said changes. Unfortunately for us, we had a group of five and all the changes made to the style guide (so many) had to be discussed and explained and re-explained. We got there in the end.

The main problem is that we didn’t go into enough detail the first time around, I think.

We had a lot of trouble with formatting poems because there was just one guide to follow and about fifty thousand different format styles for all the songs and poems and tunes throughout. What we ended up with a system of indents and space-befores and afters and it worked out very well.

We also had to change the font we chose for the titles. We had a pretty one called Birds of Paradise but ended up having to make changes to it. I’m not sure what the problem was, exactly, probably a compatibility error? I have no idea. Haha oh well?

I’m not going to rant again about my silliness and version control and all that fantastic fun I had. It happened, but its gone now. I will do my best to learn not to be an incompetent shit.



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