The team is working well so far. We apparently have two extra people, who are both animators, who will perhaps be helping with the art. I haven’t met them yet. I’m really hoping they DO work with us though, because the workload is crazy for just two people to do.

Considering the last time I spoke to the team consisted of them asking if the art could be finished by next week…having two more people would definitely help. Fortunately, it was not difficult to get the guys to understand how difficult it would be to have THAT much art done in such a small window of time. Even with the extra help, it’ll be taking us more than 1 week.

I haven’t been given a basic idea for a board size yet, but I know how big the cards need to be and I can work with that. I want to have some templates made because it’ll help get things moving, I think. Once everyone knows what they’re doing, the templates will already exist and they can just use those.


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