bored of boards

It took a week for the team to work out that it would be okay if the tarot cards we’re using in the board game overlapped with the spaces on the game  board a little bit. The cards are going to be 8x6cm now which is slightly longer than the hexagonal board spaces.

It’s a little annoying that it took so long for this get sorted out, because there’s now only a week before we’re expected to have the cards and board design made. The art is allowed to take a little longer, thankfully, but this still should have been sorted out last week.

Here’s the basic board mockup I made before class in the morning, so the group would have something to print out and use for their play test. The colours and textures and stuff aren’t finalised.

darkest depths a2 board mockup.jpg

I’m working on a board with a kind of stone wall pattern going on, to make it look more like an actual dungeon. Myself and Jenna are working on a better texture for the ground. Here’s the new board, with the old texture added so it’s possible to get a basic feel for how the end product will look. The red is not staying, it’s just there to help the borders stand out better.

a2 darkest depths board with card overlays



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