I’m back to writing about cards again, but only for a little while. Since starting the art nouveau project, it has become very obvious just how hard it is to find a printing place that does playing cards. But after searching and searching, I finally found and have been in contact with a printing agency called Snap, and they’re happy to help me get my deck printed once the art is complete!

I had a phone call with a lady from the place and she gave me a list of services that they can also offer. I asked for a quote from to get my deck printed with rounded corners and a gloss finish because they offer both those things and it’s brilliant. Matte was an option too, and so this blog wasn’t as boring I found some pictures of cards with a matte finish because they do look very nice;

The mixed finish look is awesome on all these business cards, so that’s something to think about for future reference. I think a very high-tech printer is needed for that kind of printing. After researching how a matte finish is achieved, it turns out just uses uncoated paper, and the matte effect is achieved because of the ink being absorbed, rather than sticking to the surface. That’s pretty cool in my books, but I decided to go for a regular gloss finish for my deck, because I think it has a more authentic feel for a pack of playing cards and with that vintage theme I used for my cards, authentic is what I’m going for more than anything.


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