New project

So, last week we were briefed and had to pitch our ideas for a new project – creating a unique festival and making all the promo collateral for it. The team decided on a digital media festival which we’re calling Digital Collision. It will be a celebration of all kinds of digital media that also has educational purposes.

The first round of our pitch did not go so well. I didn’t properly rehearse what I was going to say and because I was doing the introduction, it kind of fell to pieces quickly and the others had to pick it back up (sorry guys!!) We also found some of the feedback difficult to swallow, and this is pretty normal considering it van be really hard to take a lot of criticism at once. In the end I think we did well to work with it though. A moment to get a bit cross is sometimes what the team needs before they can move on and get shit done.

Before the second pitch, we did some sketches, Jasmine made the slides look very very nice! And we did a lot better. Here are the designs for a logo that I put together;

Bringing in the “collision” concept was what I was aiming for with these, along with bright colours. There was also some that Simon drew which caught people’s attention, like one that had some glitchy bits flying off of it and with a bit of work that could be a really cool design.


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