Like Build-A-Bear except it’s about festivals and is really hard, not that I think building a bear WOULDN’T be hard, especially if you’re building a real bear like you’re in some doctor Frankenstein situation. Frankenstein’s bear sounds less scary than the original though

If you read the whole title I commend you.

Okay so today we had our first gallery walk, and subjected everything we’ve made so far to be scrutinized by the general SAE public. People understandably did not have much to say. I expected that because we really haven’t created a great amount yet, and what we have made was pretty straight forward.

People had a lot to say about the fonts – some said too many, others said they were perfect. There were a lot of notes that just said things like “awesome” or “good” and were pretty vague, but it’s good to know somebody thinks we’re on the right track. Actually, most of our feedback was pretty good. I noticed that the animation students didn’t take it as seriously as we would have hoped. We didn’t get a great deal of feedback about our actual design choices from them – stuff like “needs more pingas” and “how can you afford this?” wasn’t totally helpful.


The picture at the top is the logo iteration I made last week. It’s been tweaked since then, as in the “IGITAL” was moved down to sit closer with the rest of the logo and it looks quite nice. I still wanted to include this one from last week though, because it came out quite well.

Aaaaand below are the wristbands I’ve made.

wristbandsdigital collision

I had to make four different ones, because the festival has night and day events and guests have to be 18 and over to go to the night events since we decided to make it into a licensed premises with alcohol available. The 18+ wristbands would be UV friendly, so they’ll glow under black light, and this will allow for the wristbands to be easily visible in more areas. The colours came from the colour scheme we decided on in the style guide – each is bright and very distinguishable from the others.

I’ve also started making a bit of a brochure but it’s looking a bit strange. I think I might start with the info and images I want to include first and THEN work with the layout.


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