What did I do today?

Monday was a fun time, we were counting down to our next gallery walk on Thursday the same week and basically just trying to get enough work done in time for it to leave a vague impression on the masses.

During the day I made some finalised wrist bands;

Digital Collision wristbands PNGversion1

Originally I wanted only the adult admission bands to have a UV capability, but in the name of gatecrashing and verification, issues that have been made very clear to me after searching up wristbands to no end online, I feel like they could all use it.

I have looked into UV wristbands and found a site that can do them. eventwristbands.com has some available, in four different colours and all with “VERIFIED” in white (the letters glow under black light). I’m not sure if a custom design is available, so maybe the design I’ve made here is actually not physically possible. In any case, I know UV printed wristbands are indeed a thing and if that website tells no lies, aren’t too much more expensive than their regular stock.

Last week I also made some bunting flags. Those are below and pretty much speak for themselves.

Digital Collision Bunting

The first iteration had the colours reversed: black/pink and blue/white. It seemed harsh so I swapped them around and I think it looks much nicer now.

Today, I’ve also made two youtube ads – a display ad that would float to the side of the video player on a standard youtube page, and an overlay ad that appears as an exit-able rectangle on the bottom of the video player. Those are here:

Digital Collision youtube display ad PNGversion1

Digital Collision youtube overlay ad PNGversion1

The image in the background is a photo of a nebula that I really liked for the variety of colours. In the overlay ad is has been rotated and reflected, to create a seamless line in the center. I actually think the text is a bit hard to read at actual size – but I’ve made a note and will fix this in a few hours. Maybe the spacing is just off? I’ll have a look into it.

But yeah I’m pretty happy with how they both have come out. When we get to our next gallery walk on Thursday it’ll hopefully be a pleasing thing for people to look at haha

The team is about to get started on the brochure. We had a lot of talks about info/maps/layout and all that jazz today. Looking forward to it.


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