Teaming out

The Digital Collision team is doing pretty well so far. About as much as I expected to happen, has happened. Last Thursday there were some heads butting over how we should go about the map put into our event brochure. I was expecting there to be some kind of problem, however big or small, just because of the personalities in my team clashing a bit. When everyone has a different plan it makes things difficult. It’s easy to be made to feel inferior, and to make others feel that way, without really realising it’s happening. Fortunately within our group, I think we managed to sort it all out pretty well and came to a good conclusion at the end.

After our last gallery walk, too, we found out that we had clashing designs going on in some areas – “paint vs. galaxy” was written on one of the post-its given to us. We actually remedied this quite well, bringing in both sides of the spectrum to work with each other. It was a good compromise and overall I think it made the project look nicer as a whole.

While we aren’t facing THAT many complications, it’s still been a pretty tough task so far. The position of team leader is constantly weighing on my mind. The reason for this is because I think I am just too used to being…not the leader. I usually prefer being directed, rather than giving direction haha it’s been a very good learning experience.


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