1 Trillion Lions.

We’re printing out our brochure today and have run into a lot of problems. Something is wrong with the formatting on the font and back cover, weird spaces popping up everywhere. Before submitting mine last night, there were problems with it to do with this kind of thing. Parts of paragraphs would disappear completely, page numbers didn’t want anything to do with me, and getting everything to line up in the same general area when you have multiple pages to work with and they’re all spaced too far apart to see them next to each other and properly estimate it is very difficult.

Actually, there’s probably a solution to that last one somewhere. I’ll look into it at some point.

Anyway, yeah. Converting everything into a PDF for printing is bringing up problems and we don’t know why. But it’ll probably turn out fine with some tweaking. I’m actually learning some stuff about printing. I didn’t know PDF was the most suitable format – my experience with PDF files is that they are very very difficult to work with. But then, before this course it had been about four or five years since I’d last even acknowledged that things like Acrobat existed and all those years ago when I did, I was a silly year 8 kid who was terrible with computers anyway unless it had to do with Zoo Tycoon. Adobe Acrobat was a confusing world for someone whose most complex experience with computers had been installing a game about building zoos. I always liked building the lion enclosures. Pretty colours everywhere. Acrobat was grey and boring and 12 year old me thought it was mega lame.

Those days are gone, though. PDFs are a useful thing, indeed. Turns out they’re really easy files for a printer to understand, and we all know what happens when machines don’t understand something (all the screens in the world have glowed blue at one point or another – its a part of life).

Now we just need to figure out what’s wrong with the formatting and maybe PDF printing will save us the trouble of missing handover.


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