I can’t spell

Proofreading is an important thing.

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward has a fun name. I’ve spelled it about 3 or 4 different ways throughout the Digital Collision project process. Pretty sure the way I just spelled it now is the right way, I looked it up for the nth time to write this blog post.

Anyway, proofreading is actually a pre-press technique, apparently. I wasn’t aware of this, it’s just something I have to do because I’m awful at typing. I’m actually good at spelling, but keyboards, musical or otherwise, all seem to hate me. So yeah, it was only when I sneakily looked up what some examples of pre-press techniques are that I discovered proofreading to be one. Cool, I thought to myself. This blog will be a quick write.

Anyway, yes. Pendelton Ward and Pednleton Ward are probably very pleased with that I picked up on my silly mistakes before putting up that section of our group’s brochure for printing. Proofreading is something I hold very dear to me, particularly I’m a pretentious little shit and will point out spelling and grammar mistakes whenever I see them. That and it really helps a person not look like an idiot.


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