Still Punk?

Sketches for the album cover project are underway. ‘Fuck You It’s Still Punk’ is going to be…something.

Following on from what the client asked, a cover with a kind of sexy image on it, the same kind of look as a pop music album, I’ve been drawing up some sketches as such. Basically I just want to make it look completely not like a punk album at all. Because punk albums are usually messy, out-of-the-box sort of thing,

Screenshot (3)

for this album cover I’m going with a polished, girly look. The fun thing about punk album covers is they are colourful, and it’s something I’d like to work with more in the future. Thankfully girly pop albums are colourful, too, so I don’t have abandon my liking for bright colours for this project. Not that I wouldn’t if need be…heh.

The cover really needs to be unexpected, as that’s the kind of vibe my client is going for with his music. The end product should compliment the music, as well as be odd enough to cause the audience to ask questions.

Here are my sketches so far.

I’m not sure whether to go with full on sexy image or with a more cutesy, cartoon style. Either way works quite well.

Further development on the project will be discussed tomorrow, when I hope to start actually drawing it up.


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