Fuck You It’s Still Punk, Finished!

fuck you its still punk.png

Here is the finished product! The drawing itself took a few hours to complete on Monday, and the layout was completed in Illustrator yesterday.

Both of the fonts I used were found on dafont.com and I really like the look of them. The first one is Harlow Solid Italic, and I chose it for it’s rounded edges and flowing, cursive style. It looks quite cute. The artist’s name is written in Henzy30 Regular. It was chosen because it is simplistic, and the angular style contrasts well with the Harlow Solid.

The illustration was drawn using Clip Studio Paint EX. I played around with colours for the longest. Colouring techniques are still where I need to improve the most. I opted for solid, flat colouring here, not only because it is straight-forward and I believe conveys the image I was going for much better, but because I just am not that great at shading. It’s something I am slowly getting the hang of, but I still have a really long way to go. And for something I’m only practicing on doing, I refused to put something into a piece for a client that could turn out terribly.

With all that said, speaking of the client, he has apparently had to leave SAE for some personal reasons and the album is not going ahead. He has still signed off on the final product, however, and says he would use it, provided there was still a project to apply it to.


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