The Adventures of a Lightroom Novice

It was a chilly evening, Creative Cloud as slow a program to use as ever. When Lightroom finally installs, I click it, a warm, curious sensation spreading throughout. It opens. What is this? What is anything? What does that button do? Import? That sounds like what I want. Oh dear. Oh no. What am I doing? Close the program. Just close it. It’s fine. Leave it.

A few days pass, and I am late to class by an hour. I take a seat, and still don’t know how to use Lightroom. Thankfully, Paul the mystical uni lecturer gives me crash course on Lightroom and it’s many functions, and I like to think I’m pretty proficient afterwards. I manage to make this;

Using a photo that I took last week of Jasmine. I brought up the contrast in the shadows a little, warmed the colours in the photo and saturated a few (the purple on the dress), as well as applied a vignette effect to give the whole image a softer and more focal look. I like how it came out in the end, and I’m pretty happy with it.

When I arrived home after uni that day, I had to relearn most of what I’d been shown just a few hours earlier, but it didn’t take too long to get my head around and I didn’t close the program out of sheer terror this time around. With a different photo of Jasmine with Isabel, I tried again;

I really love how this one came out. It’s a nice photo to being with and by bringing out more warmth and vibrant colour, it looks like a much more cheerful photo. The lighting in all the original images is quite dreary because it’s a very cool white that comes out of the lights we used. I think it might be very interesting to try some coloured filters over those lights, and see if we can get some different effects coming through in the original photos. I also cropped this one a bit, this time around, and decided to have the two slightly off-centre, with the shadowed side closer to the edge. The reason for this was I honestly just liked the look of it.

Anyway, after that venture I made a third attempt, this time on a photo that Jenna took of me, because I wanted to see how it would come out with a bit of polishing up. The original is actually one of the only photos taken of me that I actually liked. I think everyone is a bit too critical of themselves, and it’s easier to disguise the things we dislike about ourselves when taking selfies. In front of a professional camera in such bright lighting, there are no lies haha

Anyway, here’s the result of that;

This time, you can see that I tested out the “Transform” function in Lightroom. Aside from the colour corrections and contrast adjustments I made on each photo so far, I also played with the vertical and horizontal distortion to see what they would do and that made me look a bit taller (haha in my dreams) and I also rotated the image slightly to make myself stand a little straighter. After that, the picture was cropped because I thought it seemed a little long, but again I went for an off-centre look and I do like how it turned out.

Lightroom has been an interesting adventure so far and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. I’ll be sure to continue experimenting over this coming weekend.


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