Lightroom is not as evil as I thought

So I’ve taken some of the photos from the shoot and edited them all up in Lightroom. I really like how a lot of them have come out, especially the close-ups that I took with the macro lens.

All I basically did for these ones was bring the colour out in the stones a bit more and make all the reflective parts brighter.

For these I did the same as before, with the addition of tweaking the colours, made them brighter in both and for the sparkly stone — a little more aqua than purple.

My sister was also able to take like, 3 sensible photos. I chose two of them to use here;

The initial photo was quite cold, so I warmed it up (not too much, lesson learned). This was the first one I did and honestly I think it could be better. I’ll work on this one some more, later.

This is the other one of my sister that I chose. At first I made the colours too bright again and the hair was yellow beyond anything, but I actually noticed and fixed it this time. I’ll remove the creased cloth on the floor in Photoshop later. For now I’m happy with this one.


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