Experimental stuff

Now that we’re seeing the end of the photography project nearing, I thought I’d make a post to show some more of the images. This is all the most recently edited images from Lightroom, where I strayed a little outside of the normal fiddling around with contrast and exposure and stuff. I tried to play around with certain lighting effects and came up with some pretty nice images out of it. Overall pretty happy with the outcome of this project and I’d like to look into doing more photography in the future.


These are the B/W images I created. The photos were taken seconds apart, and with different amounts of light (both flash lights used in the first photo and just one for the second). What is striking to me about these images is how different she looks, despite holding the same pose. The first image makes her look much younger! The pictures looked almost the same before I switched them to black and white. It’s really cool to see how big of an effect lighting can have on the final product.


I also messed with split-toning a fair bit. It makes some cool effects for the end product. My personal favourites are the last two – I had also practiced more at balancing the light and shadows in these two so the colours used for split-toning were brighter and more balanced. This effect is so much fun and it gives a pretty cool 90s effect, reminds me of old trippy music videos.



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