Digital Overdrive

Digital Overdrive is an EP project by an audio student, and I was asked to design a front cover for it. Possibly a back cover too if it becomes a physical disc, but we’ll have to wait and see for that one.

The design process for the cover started out with creating the typography for it.

digital overdrive title 1.jpg

And yeah we pretty much both agreed that this looked pretty cool, so we decided to roll with this and see what happened.
Next I started finding reference images of a woman to use as a base. This is the picture I decided to use;


I traced down the front of the face and stuck with a very basic outline. The first few versions of the drawing were loud and bright, because I was aiming for it to be really trippy and weird.


We both really liked how these came out but then decided it was too complex, because of the type that was going to be used. I think I’ll hang onto these anyway.

I actually drew the face again, because in those first few versions the lines came out quite fuzzy and pixelated. And I stuck to a simply blue and black colour scheme afterwards.

digital overdrive artMIN1.jpg

This one is much cleaner in the lines and the simplistic colour scheme still works well. It was a bit boring this way though, so I started copying the faces and layering them over each other.

It looked like it was moving, like vibrations kind of, so I made the opacity lower the further it spread out. And then the fun part came when I could stick it together.


Basically the type turned out to be a bit much, and I was advised that it was a bit distracting from the artwork, which I thought was funny considering we changed the whole artwork so we could use it. But oh well, the artwork looked too cool to throw out and I started changing the type instead, and here’s way too many pictures to tell you that story;

And yeah basically the step we’re up to is the guy choosing one he either likes or wants to continue working from. You can see the exact moment where I was like “get outta town, pink”. My personal favourite is the second last, with the title up in the top left.

This project has been really good because the client pretty much knew what they wanted, and would also give an honest yes or no which I appreciated.


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