This darned dinosaur…

I’ve completed a logo for an audio student who designs the audio for video games. Because his focus was mainly horror games, he wanted something with a horror kind of theme but for it to still be fun as he doesn’t want to tied down to just the horror genre.

The idea behind this little monster was that he’s eaten someone mid-game and then picked up the controller to play the game instead.

blake grosskreutz sound design logo final.png


Originally, the drawing had electrical cords coming out of both the game controller and the headphones. I wanted to link them up so they looked like they were plugged into Blake’s name, but as I drew the picture in one program and placed the type in another, lining them up became really difficult. I resorted to not including the cords, and I do think the picture is just as effective without them. My main concern was not being able to tell what things were anymore, but I considered that most game controllers these days are wireless anyway. The objects are recognisable without being physically plugged into anything.

I had to draw this thing about three times, too. The first time, I combined all the layers and couldn’t reverse that, so the image became difficult to work with and impossible for me to finish. The second time, I didn’t save before I started to experiment with gradients and special effects. Basically the same thing happened, I did too many actions within the program (Clip Studio), and couldn’t reverse them back far enough to reach the point I wanted.

On the third go, I ended up make the colours a bit brighter. The green skin of the creature was really dark in the previous versions, and this would have competed too much with the title – written in a slightly off-black.SO the skin is a nice, brighter green now that makes the detail much easier to see and doesn’t clash with the other elements.

I think this is why I lost track of some other things. My prioritisation skills need work as it is, but I find it difficult to work on multiple things at once. This is a skill I’m going to need in the future, though. So in the next few trimesters I’ll be doing my best to improve on this and get more things done sooner.

An .ico file was created too, for Blake to use as a browser tab icon when people visit his online portfolio. This is something I’d never done before. Illustrator doesn’t have an option to export files as a .ico, so I had to work out how to get the file I wanted without downloading any weird third-party programs. Google brought me a bunch all promising to convert my files to .ico format if I downloaded their software. It seems a bit suspicious and its too hard to know which are trustworthy, so I opted to for just figuring it out myself.

What I had to do was export the file as a .gif, and then just change the .gif in the file’s title to .ico, and it was automatically saved as such. Much easier than dealing with possible viruses and the like in my opinion. The content of the icon was simply the head of the dinosaur, as the whole thing would be to hard to see in such a format.

version4 blake dinosaur head for ico.png

When Blake received the files, the resolution of the .ico made the file too big for it to work as an icon. But he made some simple adjustments and told me he had compressed the file and it had worked fine after that. I am very happy that it worked out in his favour. I will be sure to look into proper dimensions and general tips on creating icons like this in the future.

Overall this project came out quit well. I’m glad it’s turned out the way it has. Blake w as easy to reach and communicate with, which made this project run smoothly for the most part.


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