Finding my style

For a long time, I have been caught up trying to make “pretty” art. I think a lot of illustrators do this, and get stuck always drawing pretty things. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Pretty things are not what I really want to draw, but it’s usually what other people want to see. Then again, whether things are pretty is also subjective. From now on, I want to draw things that look pretty to me, even if it doesn’t to others, and not to care so much about what other people want.

This trimester has really helped me develop my own style further, when it comes to illustration. Particularly within my digital work, I find it much easier to use the computer and a tablet to draw than I did last year. These are my most recent works, which I am actually proud of. That’s a change too, as I usually don’t have a lot of confidence in my work.

I like making things bright and wacky. I like playing with weird colours and imagery.

Using colour was difficult before, and I would usually try to make everything too perfect. I wouldn’t use certain colours if I’d heard anyone say they hated it. Here’s a drawing I did last year, digitally.


I don’t think it’s bad. At least, its not horrible. But it’s boring. I was afraid to leave my comfort zone and that doesn’t do anybody justice. The lines are messy, the shading is dull and lifeless, and I was lazy with some things and used gradients where I couldn’t be bothered colouring properly. I am actually going to redraw this picture, and write another blog about what has changed about my art.

Here is another comparison, this time between a drawing I did this year and then recoloured after learning some new techniques to try out:

In the first image, I used those damn gradients to colour her hair and her dress. It was lazy and half-assed, because I was focused on churning out drawings more than I was focusing on the quality of those drawings.

In the second image, I think it is much better. I took the time to shade things in, and added a proper background which I think gave it a lot more dimension. The background in the first one looks like looney tunes! I also experimented making an effect with light beaming down from the surface of the sea- it turned out nicely and gave the picture a much more convincing “underwater” look. I’d like to see how my skills have progressed since these changes were made, even. It’s great to look back on previous work, even from just a few months ago, and see such big changes. I am happy with the progress I have made so far.

In the next trimester, I’d like to take all that I’ve learned this year and make it even better.


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