Practice with compositing

One of the projects I unfortunately didn’t get to complete this trimester was making some album covers to use as props in a film. The reason this didn’t go through is due to some miscommunication. However it was still a very fun and interesting project to undertake while I was still working on it.

The thing I made was a parody album cover. I took Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited” and turned it into a Mario Kart version called “Rainbow Road Revisited”. I got to practice my compositing with this one so I think it helped reinforce the existing knowledge I had about that kind of artwork.

The following are all the assets I collected in order to make this:

I originally tried to make the second person on the album cover look like it was Luigi by making the shirt green, but I couldn’t get it to work because of the stripes. I ended up cutting out only Bob Dylan and placing him onto a background that I made by layering the rainbow vector and the photo of the sky.

His jacket was really hard to get right because it took a while to find a good balance between the red being bright enough and the shaded areas not looking fake. Blending the Mario “M” into the jacket wasn’t difficult though. And the moustache needed to be darkened and then rotated and it came out looking pretty good. Here is the end product:



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