Thomas the Brave

Thomas the Brave is a children’s book I’m illustrating. This is a real side project, like think way waaayy out to the side of everything else I’ve been doing. It’s an illustration project I’ll be working more on during the holiday period, and its actually for someone I know which is why I didn’t treat it as professionally, it’s something that we’ve kept very personal.

To sort of set the scene a bit it’s a story about a little boy called Thomas who proves to be very brave, and the book is intended to teach kids not to make assumptions about those who are different to them, as well as to reinforce the idea that there is no normal for children, as each one is so different and this fact doesn’t make any one of them wrong. Thomas’ “disability” proves to be an advantage for him in this story, as while all the other children are scared, he takes the situation on board and makes a new friend because of it.

There will be updates on the art behind this as I make it over the next 6 weeks. Please stay tuned for some quality entertainment as I have never illustrated a book before, much less one for children, and I’m absolutely going to run into like, 3 million problems. Ahem, I mean, 3 million “learning experiences”.


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