Type facessss

Yeah so I’m using Behance to find some cute fonts that could work my brand. Because the image I’m going for is a New Age kind of nature, magic, spiritual theme, I think something that looks handwritten, or something geometric and simplified (like a crystalline look to match the gemstones and crystal healing that comes with New Age and Wiccan cultures).

So the following links are all fonts that I’ve seen on Behance, each one also listed for free use! Dream come true.



I love this because of it’s retro look – it reminds me of old books or newspaper advertisements. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and clean. This one has that geometry I talked about before, and I can picture this working maybe alongside a design with the moon’s phases.




This font stood out to me because it looked a little like traditional rune symbols;




This one for the same reason as above haha





I love this one in it’s uppercase form. It’s really cute and I really loved the shape of the capital U, because it looks like a little cup and I think suits the name “Crystal Cup” so much.





Arcadia is a cute font, it looks friendly and would suit a cafe in that it is inviting and appears as a place you could come to and relax. I like the handwritten cursive effect.



I will keep searching for more fonts after class has ended, the internet connection is a little odd in the classroom and drops out quite a bit on my tired little laptop. It’s also hard to download any of these ones I already found because of that, so I’ll have to have a play with them later on too.


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