All the fonts

I got to a place where the internet connection stays…well, connected and I have been scouring Behance a little more for some fonts that could become useful. I’m starting to branch out from my original search of very square, angular type faces and look for some friendlier looking fonts.

Some of the very geometric fonts I found earlier were great for some potential names but not for others, because the logo concepts would look inviting but then the type would look harsh or make the logo look harsh, or just be distracting. It became over-complicated quickly.

So I think something more subtle could help a lot, here, especially since I’m going for a very visual logo rather than doing too much of the reading and the words putting into sentence doing, after all this is for a coffee shop. People will be coming there for their morning fix, and you can’t expect people to be too inclined to read before they have their early morning “please let me have an easy day at work” cuppa lol

Or maybe that’s just me. Oh well.

Aaaanyway. Here are some cuter fonts that I have found during my second search. I think you do really need to look more than once, even if its during the same day. There is always new content being added and it might be just the right one.



Moon is a simplistic and pleasing one, just very round and very continuous. It’s really easy to read. My only qualm with it might be that it comes in only uppercase. I have always loved the kind of old timely type-writer look that comes from spelling in lowercase, with no capitals (sue me, I like my retro aesthetic). Still, it’s a beautiful font and I am definitely going to play with it a bit and try to figure out the flurry of ideas in my head.



“Aqua Grotesque”

I love this, it’s so cute. It’s very similar to some of the ones in my last post without all the bits and bobs, so I think it would work nicely with some of my designs without taking too much from the image like I was talking about before. (please do click on the uppercase sheet – the graphics used on it are beautiful and need to be appreciated)


So I mentioned earlier that a logo that’s all words and no pictures was something I might steer away from, but I kept finding great fonts and am sort of considering going for a type based one after all. I couldn’t help it – too many talented people on Behance, right?


This is great, I love it so much. It’s really pretty and flows very smoothly together. This one was one of the things that made me reconsider my idea about illustrative logos. I adored the Mondrian reference on the font’s Behance page, and this one also comes with a Greek set of symbols, since the team behind it are based in Athens! Pretty cool.




I just love me a good deep sea theme. And is it just me or are these description notes getting shorter? It doesn’t mean I appreciate the fonts any less! 😮




Exodus is really cool because it comes with heaps of alternative characters. But none of them look different enough for it to look silly or mismatched when you mix them around. I think it will be fun to mess with this one and see all the possibilities.



I just thought the next few were cute and don’t want to lose the URLs for them haha










“Old Growth”



“Endless Neon Tube”


















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