Cafe Time

Last week on Thursday everyone compiled their logo sketches and showed them off, and we all narrowed it down for each other to the ones that we each liked the best. I had drawn 13 different logos, and hadn’t even decided on a solid name yet. The choices were Crystal Cup, Evil Eye, and Spellbound.

As seen below, the following mockups were some of the favourites among my designs, that I have decided to work with. The reason for all the different fonts is that I now can’t pick one of those, either. If I was a superhero you could call me…something. I wouldn’t really mind, and you could pick, it’s okay, because my super power would be indecisiveness. I’m really good at not making decisions. That probably needs to change eventually. Will work on that.


Between the three names, “Crystal Cup” sounds the best. It is more inviting than “Evil Eye”, and less of a cliche than “Spellbound”, though I still like those two names very much.

In the first design I tried to make it look like the cup was made of some crystalline formation. It is pretty simple and stylized, but I like that kind of style. For that one I think I would stick to having no colours added in, keeping the lines plain. It could be used as a black/dark logo or in lighter shades and still be pretty effective. I like to have freedom and versatility with things like this, especially because there is so much collateral stuff to make for this project.

For the second, it does speak for itself. It’s a gem cluster floating over a tea cup. The cup doesn’t look amazing, but I did rush these as draft versions just so I’d have something that looked neater than my paper sketches to show the class tomorrow. The cluster came out really well! I used the line tool to make it, and it looks pretty sweet. I’m not sure if I would add colour to this one, either. It may look better with it or it may not. That will have to be something I experiment with later. I was also staring at it and thinking maybe it would look nice with a stipling effect. But that would take a long time and probably be too intricate for a logo, AND not to mention to much for a printer to handle.

As for fonts, everything there was chosen because of its simplicity. Some are a bit dressier than others, but it doesn’t away too much from the illustration. I really can’t decide which one I like the most. Hopefully there will be some constructive criticism for me tomorrow. Fonts in order of use (left to right):

AlwaysHere –

Tony Tony –

DK Hofstad –

Geo Sans Light –

Tall, Dark and Handsome Condensed –

Northern Lights Script –


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