Social Media Campaigns

TOMS #withoutshoes

Popular footwear brand TOMS started a campaign in 2015 by spreading a hashtag online. For every single post on social media quoting #withoutshoes, TOMS would donate a pair of shoes to a child in need. The campaign started on instagram, but quickly gained traction through facebook when celebrities such as Bella Thorne began to advocate for it.


The great thing about this campaign is it became a double whammy of goodness for the TOMS company. They created awareness around an issue that maybe doesn’t get thought about too much otherwise, and made it really easy for people to get involved and help – asking for donations from people isn’t the wrong way to go, but it definitely makes people less inclined, and it leaves out a lot of people who would love to help but maybe don’t have the money/spare items to donate; making the objectives almost effortless gives people the satisfaction of knowing they can easily help out. They also gained extra customers and sales, by connecting with their audience through making people think.


Turning the Internet Red

In 2013 the Humans Rights Campaign started fighting for marriage equality in the United States. They asked facebook users everywhere to turn their profile pictures red to show support for the movement, and within a few days the campaign went viral with around 45, 000 shares on facebook and 13, 000 likes. And in 2015, when marriage equality was being considered by the 50 states, they asked facebook to switch their profile pictures again and it reached Twitter and Instagram as well.


This became a symbol of the marriage rights movement. Like the previous campaign, this one was easy too, all you have to do is make a few clicks on your facebook profile to show your support. As well as being easy, it’s noticeable and stands out with the bright colour suddenly appearing on everybody’s friend’s lists online.


New Friend Request

This was campaign surrounding “A.1. Original Sauce”. It was called “Steak Sauce”, but the company wanted to show that it could more versatile and go with everything else too. The result was a video showing an account called “A.1. Steak Sauce” updating it’s relationship status to be with an account called “Steak”, but then it quickly starts to gain friend requests from other foods like Pork, Salmon, even Corn on the Cob. It sort of makes a cute and sort of sad story about Sauce and all its many new friends putting a strain on Steak. The link below should lead to the video.

This video received 1.3 million views in total and was overall very succesful. I thought it was pretty funny how the chose to use the drama of online relationships to tell this story. It’s easy to connect with because it’s such a familiar narrative.



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