Research – Cocktail Book

During the past week I have been doing little bits and pieces of research for this book. I now know where multiple publishers are, and have also found many tutorials on self-publishing. I am looking at creating the book at around an A5 size, spiral bound so it lays flat and with laminate pages for resistance to liquids.

Here’s a pinterest board where I am gathering images to use as a reference later, it has been helping me figure out how cocktail photography looks and giving me many ideas on how I can use it. I have noticed a definite contrast in a lot of the photos, where the background is an opposing colour to the cocktail and makes it stand out more.

I’ll be heading into some second hand stores when I get to the photography stage, to look for some neat fancy glasses I might be able to use. There are already a few I could use sitting around, but a project like this will need a big variety to keep the images interesting and unique. SAE also has a new set of studio lights, apparently, so that will be really useful and great!


I’m still not sure exactly how many recipes are going into this book. I’ve been chatting to mister bar tender and he wants to have “a fair few”. I’m not sure if that means 40 or 101, so we’ll have to wait and see on that note.

I’d like to get started with the photography as soon as I can, because it is going to take f o r e v e r. Fortunately this weekend I’m moving into a new house and I will be able to set up for photography work there once settled in.


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