Advertising Slogan

Most brands with successful slogans must have spent months working them out. Slogans are the way to stand out among all the other brands, and become more than just a title. It also gives the brand an opportunity to tell a little story about itself or the ideas it promotes. It’s kind of like if I introduced myself by saying “Hello, I’m Tiani.” Okay, you know nothing about me, who cares kind of thing. “Hello, I’m Tiani, pfeffernusse” now you know I like tiny German spice cookies, and you’ll probably be thinking for a while about that weird chick who said “pfeffernusse” for no reason. Because it made my introduction stand out.

Now that I’ve spelled it out for myself, this slogan business doesn’t seem as daunting. But I think coming up with just the right words to say will still be difficult. Pfeffernusse is a hard word to remember, for a real company slogan to stick in people’s minds, it would need to be simple and catchy. Use fewer words to convey a larger idea.

So, going ahead an finding three slogans from successful companies and figuring out why they were so successful. Let’s get started.

Volkswagen – “Think Small”

When you think Volkswagen, you think of those cute little beetle cars, right? That’s probably in thanks to the “Think Small” campaign was art directed by Helmut Krone in 1959 and is still one of the most recognised advertising campaigns to date.

The reasoning behind the slogan is pretty clear; this is a small car, and it’s cheap, but it’s reliable and could still do the things the other cars driving around in the 1950s could do in spite of it’s size. They took everything that was required in a car and just squished it down into a little adorable version.

The original Beetle model remained in production until 2003, the newer model being released in 1997 and this model continued up to 2011. Beetles have been extremely popular since the 1950s, and are probably one of the most recognisable cars around. I think the little guys owe a lot of that success to this humble little ad campaign.


Red Lobster – “Seafood Differently”

I love this. Red Lobster isn’t even located anywhere in Australia, I just thought this slogan was great. The double meaning and play on words is fun – food from Red Lobster is unique to every other seafood restaurant, and when you come in to try it, it’s a whole new experience. It’s an improvement on their last slogan, “Ignite the crave”, which is a bit vague and doesn’t really tell you much about the restaurant. With the focus shifted to what Red Lobster will do for YOU (customers), it became more inviting and sounded friendlier, opposed to the previous one that sounded like someone was taking their fish a bit too seriously.

The campaign itself, too, was a tv commercial starring people who worked for Red Lobster in real life. This has become a really popular way of marketing a business, as it creates a familiar face for people to remember, and I would imagine some people went to eat at Red Lobster after viewing the ad, and saw one of the staff who starred in it.

It has this comforting effect of letting you know that this is the kind of person who will be there to curate your dining experience. There’s a line said in the ad below by a chef, “If I wouldn’t eat it, I won’t serve it.” as well as talk about catching the best crabs fresh from the ocean. They seem very focused on letting people know that they will be looked after, by everyone working in the Red Lobster business.

Rowntree – “Have a break. Have a Kit Kat.”

You may be thinking, what’s Rowntree? Me too. So I looked it up before I wrote it here and while Kit Kat is now owned by Nestle, it was originally manufactured by a company called Rowntree in the U.K, and these guys were the ones who also first coined the well known slogan.

It was also called a Kit Cat, at one point, how weird is that?

The “Have a break” line has been circulating since 1958, and it’s remained the most common slogan for the brand since then. There are other taglines but most of them centered around that same idea of taking a “break” (I really love the double meanings that’s so clever). Up to now, the Kit Kat bar has stayed the most successful of Nestle’s many chocolatey products, and this is probably because they found something good and stuck with it. The newest ads on TV for a Kit Kat still use that old slogan, because the idea of working hard and having a break is pretty timeless and can be incorporated into almost every walk of life. This one is successful for being so relatable.



For my brand, I’ve chosen a slogan too. The Crystal Cup – A little cup of magic; because it sounds friendly and kind of soft as well as keeping to the witchy theme.


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