Copywriting is defined as the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Thanks Wikipedia.

If I only wrote that this would be the most boring blog ever. We know what copywriting is, but what makes it good? I find that it’s usually a shock factor or a comedic advertisement that gets the most attention. A lot of ads I’ve seen will go straight for you and pull you in with maybe a confusing statement, or just something generally intriguing or weird. It sort of makes you go “what’s this all about” and the aim for the ad is to have convinced you to look at the whole thing to get your answer. There are others that are really straightforward and tell the story without confusing anybody. In terms of copywriters themselves, it’s being able to think quickly and be adaptable, and to look at every possible angle in order to find the best one.


One of the comedic ones I mentioned. This ad tries to make Scrabble look fun again, after it got called boring every day for like 10 years. Poor Scrabble. It only wants your words. Simple and effective, and funny.


“Buy some damn jewelry for your wife before she leaves you, dude”. Sometimes these ads are manipulative but they act really obvious about it. This kind of humour is something a lot of people can relate to, and it also acts as a guilt trip so it comes through as a double-whammy of advertising goodness for the company and for the entertainment of its customers.


Unexpected ads are my favourite. I think everyone reads the whole way through ads like these – being a nude model is kind of this symbol of notoriety or something and everyone has wondered at some point in their lives what it would be like to be one. Then read the requirements for it and find out that they’re actually looking for literal babies! So weird but its really effective. The newspaper look is a nice touch, too.


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