Sort of a project plan??

It figures to write down what little excuse I have for a project plan so far here, so I don’t ever lost track of what I’m doing. If it’s just on paper, it’ll be gone in a day. I’ve just moved houses and everything is in boxes inside the house but all of it counts as missing because I didn’t think it would be an idea to label anything. Oh well, now you know how disorganised I am. It’s my own fault though so don’t feel bad for me.

Anyway, onto week 4 at uni, and from here up to week 13 is what I’m pretty much planning to do. If I stick to this, it’ll be sweet as.

Week 4 – Style Guide/Project Plan

Week 5 – Social Media/Slogan advertising

Week 6 – A1 poster/Business cards/Shop signage

Week 7 – TV storyboard

Week 8 – Menu/Packaging

Week 9 – Filming??

Week 10 – Uniforms/T-shirts

Week 11 – Extra stuff and things!

Week 12 – Refine

Week 13 – Refine

I am really shooting for the last two weeks being my refining time. I never leave enough time for myself to do this and my work doesn’t come out as good as it could be. If I have everything sorted by week 11, I’ll have time to get opinions and make little edits and just make it look perfect. I also have no idea what “extra stuff and things” entails, for week 11. Maybe I will 3 refining weeks. That would be amazing.

Then again, I have to fit my other projects in, too. With my severe lack of time management skills I may just fall flat on my face. But I’ll give it my best shot and maybe that will work out for me this time.


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