Copyrighted Colours

We’re no strangers to companies trademarking their logos, but some of them actually trademark their colours, too. Cadbury owns it’s deep purple, Coca-Cola owns that combination of bright red and white. And they’re always fighting over it, somewhere, because either somebody tries to be a sneaky copy-cat or a company tries to be the king of the universe.

There actually aren’t very many companies that have official trademarked colours; at least, not many I can find online. I did find this one, though –

Champagne company Veuve Clicquot has a trademark on a warm shade of yellow.

They’ve owned the shade since 1877, and it’s featured in every advertisement that’s been made by the company since. Even upon visiting the brand’s tumblr page, the yellow is there. It waits.

Veuve Clicquot has always been a sort of traditional company – their first digital campaign came out only last year. But they still absolutely heavily feature that same yellow everywhere.


It was a series of filmed advertisements that aimed to portray champagne as more than a drink for celebrations and fancy occasions, it can come in handy in many everyday settings.



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