So packaging is really important. It is the ultimate decider for whether anyone will buy your product. If another product is in a prettier box, that one will be much more popular. It’s a kind of manipulation I suppose, you can make your product look more expensive, higher quality, or maybe healthier than it actually is all with the packaging.

This is an underwear label, Scappino, that I found at Packaging of the World. I really love this one! It’s a super cute idea to place the little window around the product. You can see what clothing is in the box by the shape of the window, you can touch the fabric, and the neat brown cardboard packaging is gorgeous. How they fit into a nice stack of little boxes is nice. Deep blue and gold-ish tones creates the look of high quality because those colours are associated with royalty and class.


How fun is this? I want one! It’s a pizza box that becomes a mini projector. I can’t even stand how clever and cute this is. The illustrations on the outside are great, they look really retro like old cartoons and comics. I love that there are titles on each box that relate to certain pizzas you can buy from Pizza Hut.


I decided to feature this one because it’s so beautiful. The illustrations are lovely and colourful, and they work well with the minimalist design. Like Scappino, the label makes this drink appear to be of very high quality, because it is so clean and simple and uses rich colours.


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