Storyboards are a way of visualizing the events that play out in a production, like a movie or tv show. They are really good for planning the key elements, and especially help when working in a team as it’s a set path for everyone to follow.

Advertisements need storyboards just as much as tv shows do. They serve the same purpose, to tell a story, but have a much smaller window in which to do it. Most advertisements on tv are around a minute long or even less, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for stuffing around trying to cram too much in one place. They should be easy to follow, and made with a set plan in place to ensure this.

Here are three examples of storyboarding in tv advertisements. They have a very simplistic storyline and layout, including only the most important aspects of the ad.  Even though the Cheerios one is over in six frames and has no dialogue noted, you know exactly what they are trying to say. It shouldn’t need the dialogue or too much descriptive text – that would all be in the script. Storyboards are a way of laying out the foundations for the visuals.




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