So, a S.W.O.T analysis is basically a list of predictions about an activity or assessment, and then made into a neat and colour-coded chart. It’s usually done towards the beginning of the project and they’re used to determine a solid plan as well as sometimes helping to identify risk management procedure. S.W.O.T stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

For my project, I have filled out the S.W.O.T analysis with points that are relevant to a cafe, and since it’s imagined to be located in West End, Brisbane, I have filled it out to match these criteria as well.


  • Uncommon theme/concept
  • Close to university and TAFE campuses
  • Close to public transport


  • Niche customer demographic (will be harder to market to the majority)
  • Opening costs higher/different to a standard cafe (due to the new age theme)


  • Drawing in customers from university and TAFE
  • Provide an educational space for new age learning
  • Appealing to an under-represented market


  • Other cafes in the area – Mango Tree Cafe, Three Monkeys Coffee and Tea House etc.
  • Limited income of the opportune customer-base





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