Survey Feedback

The online survey got some really interesting feedback. Four people filled it out and this gave me some cool insights into how my marketing is working. The form had ten questions about the project, I sent it out via email to some volunteers alongside a pdf containing the A1 poster, the style guide, and the menu for the cafe project for them to look at.

What words come to mind when you first hear the name, “The Crystal Cup”?

aromatherapy, weirdly. it seems very spiritual and hippy-like

crystal: shiny, reflective, pretty and aesthetically pleasing, geometrical, fragile? cup: mug, warm drink, cozy, colloquial (which I love)

Health spa tea place. The crystal cup makes me thing of quartz cups with green tea in them in a garden with ambient bird sounds. Which is removed from my mind when I see the visuals. it goes from hippie tea place to “ahhh this is a hipster coffee place”.

Very cute and welcoming


What is your overall first impression of the project?

its really pretty! I love the design aspects and fonts. the pictures are really cool too!

Loved the name, most of the colour pallet and clever design of the main symbol

Hipster cafe. The crystal silhouette is sweeeet (I like crystal patterns). I can see the direction and theme clearly, although I think the colours are slightly off, that is a personal bias and not an issue with the project though.

Colour scheme and simplicity is fantastic


Does the colour scheme look appealing to you? Why/Why not?

it does look appealing, the contrasting colours of the blue and dark red are what does that. It’s not boring

Most of the colours work really well but I think the darkest brown should be a bit less red than it is, making it a richer brown to be closer to the colour of coffee (maybe a ground coffee colour instead of beans?). Other than that I love it.

yes and no. The colours match. But there are some issues. the light blue with any text that ISNT bold over the top, quickly disolves the test. look at “A spot of magic” on the poster. unless up close (like looking at a pc screen) the thin lines in the font may dissapear? the bottom text of the poster fixes this issues though. My point is Coves bold and kingston regular feel like two different directions, kingston is more magical and fitting for that idea, coves is easier to read and fits better with the cup image of straight striking outlines. It works in the menu (kingston that is) against a white background though……

It’s calm and inviting without throwing anything in your face


Who do you think the intended audience is, from looking through the pdf file?

young adults

People who like coffee, but not directly to diehards and hipsters? I feel like its more open to different audiences instead of being pretentious about its brand.

Filthy hipsters ;). No i feel there is a hipster vibe here, but also transferring more into the actual hippie side, but the straight lines and more modern aesthetic could find a business person pretending to be a hipster sitting there drinking coffee too.

Young adults seem to be the target but also it seems like a family friendly place. Because we all know kids love crystals and whimsy. Although I could see older customers enjoying it aswell.


Name 3 things about the project you like the most.

I love the colours chosen I love the overlay images of the crystals and the coffee I love the logo

The overlay of the geometrical crystal shape over the coffee beans, the blue colour pallet and the crystal cup shape design.

the outline of the crystal is mint and could be used for a lot of different great effects. The cup outline is mint, it demonstrates what the business is, and what the aesthetic is in one go. they work well together with Coves bold to create a solid aesthetic.

The artwork Colour scheme Simplicity- over designing can make it uninviting


Name 3 things about the project you like the least.

the crystals in the background of the menu, especially with the blue not much else

On the a1 poster, the phrases ‘a spot of magic’ and ‘the crystal cup’ should be swapped, as I thought ‘a spot of magic’ was the name of the place. The geometrical design overlaying the coffee beans should be the crystal cup shape, instead of this other (kinda random) normal crystal, as it is not used in any of the other files. Keep the font consistent.

the repeated cup logo (horizontally) in the style guide. the cup is like a singular thing. it as great imapct, but less so when you put alot of them together. white cup black background works bruh, could totally see that on a tea bag label. as the “premier” version of the normal. style guide and menu have dark outsides (borders), they frame the contents. But the poster has light border, looks like poster is popping out in middle and isn’t framed…

Lack of information on the range of services. Just snacks and beverages or do they have a full kitchen?


Which image stood out to you the most? Did it stand out for good or bad reasons?

the crystal with the coffee in it! it caught my eye straight away and then upon further inspection, it had coffee in it! it was really cool

the overlay effect on the coffee beans on a1 ws really eye catching and I love it heaps, but would rather the cup shape than crystal.

Again, the silhouettes are amazing!! both the cup and crystal got my eye. because they present something simply but directly, and the vectors they create are easily readable especially with the crystal, easily direct the eye up or down a page.

The crystals, I love it and I’m always a sucker for them


You can change one thing about the project, big or small. What is that thing and why?

The crystals in the back ground of the menu. they don’t look very nice and don’t create any contrast, they look kind of blurred

The darkest brown being more brown than red, a richer colour

see the menu pricing text? they should have the $ signs lined up, not the back 0’s. so like get them in line from the front, the first value is the highest, that first dollar count NEEDS to be the most readable because it is the largest difference in price. like I don’t want my eyes drawn to the difference in cents. the symbols being lined up (because reading left to right) kinda feels better, as the sentence can drag a bit longer or not that is okay, that s the “tail end”. Just an opinion though, and only one persons at that.

More information on range of services. Everything else was great


Would you eat at The Crystal Cup cafe? Why/Why not?

Probably! if we were ignoring prices

All kinds of coffee and hot drinks, and tea snack like scones and sweets.

Yeah I would. white hot choccy for $3.50 is good. also I would be interested to see what it looks like and where te interior follows the designs here and when it doesn’t.

I would, seems like a lovely environment.

A quick disclaimer here would be that the info on the menu was a quick copy-paste job, but it was really good to see that info being responded to and closely inspected. I’m also very stingy about my coffee so I definitely get where that’s hailing from.


Thank you for your helpful feedback! If there is anything else you would like to mention, please enter it below.

surveymonkey graph

Good job Tiani!!

Capital A in “a spot of magic” might help identify the sentence start against a background of a similar colour.


The overall response was really positive for this, and then on top of that the responses were also pretty broad despite there being a smaller number of volunteers. It was really interesting to see the feedback on the colour scheme especially, some said it was great and then another suggested maybe toning the brown, earthy tones down. I personally like the mix of warm and cold tones, but can still see where they were coming from as it also a bit different as a colour combo.

My discourse over the A1 poster was also fueled by some of the comments here, agreeing that the graphic suited a white background better than if it was blue. I received comments like this during the gallery walk as well, it’s a popular stance but I also feel like that makes it a bit predictable? So I’m a little torn as to where to go with it now.

I also found the suggestion about the dollar signs on the menu really interesting! The customer being able to line up the whole dollars rather than the cents is not something I really considered at the point of placing the text there, all I really did was fiddle with the layout. But from the consumer’s perspective it is confusing and distracting, and becomes more convenient with just a small detail like this changed.

This was a good experience overall. While at first I wished there were a few more responses, I did get plenty of good feedback and suggestions for my work and definitely have enough info to work with and make some effective changes to what I’ve done.


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