Storyboarding pt.2

Here is the storyboard for my advertisment:


It’s pretty messy and simple-looking, and my handwriting is really hard to read, so I’ll also describe what is meant to be happening in each scene.

The ad will be filmed from the same top-down position looking at a table surface.

It will open on a setting where somebody is typing on their laptop, before closing it and putting it aside.

Next, candles and stones will be placed an a tarot card formation laid out as if in a proper ritual setting, before again being cleared away.

A glass and plate will then be placed down, with something small like a cake slice on the plate. It will disappear gradually using a still images as “bites” are taken out of the food, revealing the Crystal Cup logo on the plate underneath.

The image will fade to a full white background and the logo, name, address/phone will appear.

So yeah the aim here is to express the many functions of the business – its a place where you could sit and study/work, a place for magic, and a place where you can sit down for a hassle-free coffee or some food. I am hoping to film this all myself, and it could prove to be very difficult. But it will be an interesting experience for sure. I also need to choose some music to lay over the top, because listening to me move things on and off of a table isn’t very mystical or welcoming like it should be.

Because its just me working on it, and I’m not a film person, I am a bit worried about how the end result will look. It could turn out to be impressive, who knows? I wouldn’t except anything spectacular from it though really, especially since it’s being filmed in my house with some very improvised equipment. I am nervous but also a bit excited to give this a try.


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