Gallery walk Feedback

The feedback from the gallery walk was very positive overall. I didn’t get many comments back on things that people believed should be fixed. It was nice to hear that my work is looking good so far.

One comment that I did receive was regarding the A1 poster; the viewer did not understand how the crystal graphic that was used there was supposed to connect with the product/the other assets, because nothing like it was visible anywhere else in the campaign. In response to this, rather than scrapping the graphic altogether because I do really love it, I instead have used it elsewhere e.g. on the cafe business card, as a cute graphic to fill the space next to the cafe contact and location info, without using the logo twice. Here is the business card design to assist my explanation:

crystal cup business card 1

I am not sold on the colour scheme yet, so these haven’t been made. But this is the concept I went for after hearing that my crystal graphic needed to make more sense in order for me to use it. I have other shapes as well that I might use, although I also feel like too many would over-complicate the campaign and be distracting. This is where I have to make a few versions of things and see which looks best.

Another interesting comment I got said that the A1 poster and my book covers from the Jen Irishu project looked quite similar, and they do honestly. I think after working with that filled-in shape concept for the books, I wanted to use it again. But it wasn’t intentional for them to look really similar, so I think something that I’ll need to look out for in the future is that I’m not subconsciously repeating myself within my work.

The rest were positive and didn’t have anything to point out about the project. I got some verbal commentary back from lecturers and they also thought I was on the right track. I’m glad there was nothing major that needed to be changed because it is getting later on for the trimester and the focus needs to be on making new stuff rather than having to go back and edit everything else. Not having much time left makes it scary but I am trying to be confident about this last countdown to exhibition day.


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