Gone Crab

Gone Crab is a video game created in the 2nd games studio. In it, you play as a hermit crab who is trying to escape from an island beach, by growing big enough to take the boat and leave. The problem is the crab is constantly growing, so you need to crawl all over the beach to find bigger and bigger shells; if you spend too long sitting on the sand without a shell, your crab will die on the hot surface.

I was asked to create a logo for the game at first. It needed to be simple and the team wanted a cursive look for the font. They also wanted a semi-realistic drawing of the hermit crab from the game to be sitting on top of the text, and hanging over it, so it took a bit of problem-solving to find text that could have that cursive style and still go with the image of the crab. They were really set on the type and it was hard to match many fonts that was pretty, but didn’t just look weird sitting under a hermit crab. Finally, this was the one we decided on:

gonecrab logo text 1.png

The font came with some short serifs so the foundation was already there for me to link up each letter with the pen tool in Illustrator. I also recreated the G from the font by tracing it with the pen tool and added the little wave to have it suit the beach island theme of the game.

I used the opportunity to gain skills in illustration for this asset, and searched online for some pictures of hermit crabs to get a feel for it. I’d never drawn a crab before this project came about and it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be.

gonecrab hermit crab logo.png

The crab in the game is a very vibrant red colour, and there are existing kinds of hermit crabs that are really brightly coloured like that so I used photos as references for colouring the drawing as well.

To finish the logo, the games team wanted the little guy to sit on top of the title, with the claws sort of dangling over. This was difficult to figure out too as I want the text to look as if it was behind the claws but in front of the shell. I achieved this by using the pen tool again to partially trace over the overlapping letters, and placing that traced section on the top layer of the document. The end result looks like this:

gonecrab logo final 1.png

A white-test version of the logo was also made so it could be more versatile:

gonecrab logo final 2.png

So that’s the logo all finished. Next up, the game needed instructions, so the player would know what they were doing. The games team decided on an in-game user interface screen (UI) as their method of explaining controls. For this, they needed multiple images of a standard Xbox controller, each with a different few buttons highlighted. This seemed easy enough, but this one was mixed up a bit as the team wanted the handle ends of the controller to look like the claws on a crab. To start this off, I traced an image of an Xbox controller into Illustrator and then bent the lines out around the handles to create the shape of crab claws. Here is the final product.

This was a really fun project, despite it being very short. I enjoyed the research for all the things I had to do here, and really like that I had to get out of my comfort zone with this. My usual approach to projects is to just remain comfortable and do things I already understand, but it is a good idea to branch out and make room for more skills.


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