Critical Reflection

There are some events that I need to highlight and reflect on for this trimester. I had one big issue throughout that I didn’t handle as well as I should have. That was the book covers – I am a huge perfectionist and couldn’t create anything that I liked enough to run with and because I wasn’t happy with any of it, and the day for showing them off rolled around, I panicked and couldn’t leave my house. This was due in part to me having issues with anxiety, but they are improving steadily.

I have found that pushing myself out of that comfort zone can help most of the time, but when it’s too much I need to improve on stepping back and looking at the big picture. I can become tunnel-visioned and cannot see alternatives, so I shut in on myself. That would be an enormous disadvantage in the working industry, so I will focus more on self-care and improving in the future, and developing a thicker skin.

Something that I think was positive, on the other hand, because this post should cover all bases, is the tv ad. I am not a film student, I know nothing about filming or editing videos, but I took this on myself and am in the process of making my own video with self-taught skills at home. Here is where you can see that I have improved on letting the perfectionism win and am venturing further from my comfort zone. Filming it turned out to be a fun experience, anyway. I got to eat a bunch of cupcakes, it was good. The end result will be a very basic advert, but it will be mine and so I’m happy with it.

I have also largely stayed positive for the whole marketing campaign. With each other piece completed, I could complete the rest more easily. Completing the style guide was the kicker for this, in the past when I have had trouble with completing work it’s been largely due to the fact that I had no real solid plan, and even if I did, it wasn’t written down anywhere. So that’s a big improvement on my planning skills.


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